Tuesday, December 31, 2019

I returned an iPhone X

December 30, 2019 afternoon, I found an iPhone X that someone "left" on a park chair with in-ear headphone plugged in, lol. Between 2 options: call to PD to handle this situation or wait for its owner calling the phone, luckily the phone doesn’t have passcode or whatever (weird), I opened call history to see the most recent contacts and found a contact's name that probly a closed friend, then I made a call to that person and told what happened, well, very quickly about 20 minutes later, its owner and her friend came to receive the lost phone back, then her friend left first and we had about 30 mins talking bout everything, lol, That was how I had another friend today, it’s a girl, not my Gf, don’t worry! also I forgot to take a picture of the phone, so I will just post a photo instead to this diary post.